Wildlife resorts in various Indian national parks
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Kanha wildlife resorts

Vast majority of visitors to Kanha are attracted there by the prospect of seeing India’s national animal in its natural habitat, tiger conservation is closely linked to the future of Kanha National Park. Banjar river, meandering through Kanha has graciously adorned some of the best resorts and camps here. Explore more here

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Bandhavgarh wildlife resorts

Nestled among the picturesque Vindhya Hills & the natural beauty of the wilds is tastefully enjoyed in some best wildlife lodges which Bandhavgarh has to offer. Bandhavgarh they say, that you have got be really unlucky not to see a Tiger in Bandavgarh. One park which is on top of the charts as far as Tiger sightings is concerned is Bandhavgarh. After a long safari you only need to unwind till next safari. For that you will be spoilt for choices in Bandhavgarh. Explore more here

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Bharatpur wildlife resorts

Origin is said to be from Ramayana age – Bharat, the brother of Lord Rama founded the city of Bharatpur. Also known as Keoladeo National park. It is world heritage site and thus accommodation ranges from Luxury palaces to birdwatcher’s budget. The only point worth mentioning here is the proximity of the lodge to the National park. If you do not want to waste any time reaching to the national park’s gate then choose properties within the close proximity of the park. Explore more lodges in Bharatpur

Ranthambhore wildlife resorts

Owing to its closeness to Golden circuit – you would be spoilt for choices to stay in Ranthambhore. From budget hotels to super luxury tents all depends upon how much you ready to spend and see the splendour of Ranthambhore. Try Tiger Den if you like to stay closest to the park. There are number of very well-maintained heritage properties owing to the fact, Ranthambhore was the royal hunting ground.Explore more resorts in Ranthambhore.

For us, the concept of CSR means ‘Conscious Sustainable Responsibility’, an important aspect if we are even remotely hoping to save our forests and its inhabitants. So how do we achieve these sustainability goals? How can we reduce the wildlife-man conflict? The future of wildlife is directly linked to the benefits it can generate to the local community.

Sharad Kumar Vats, India Wildlife Safaris, Founder
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Corbett wildlife resorts

Named after the famous Irish conservator – Jim Corbett. One thing is sure – whatever property you choose for your stay, you would be surrounded by nature and lush greenery. You can experience terai from any hotel in Corbett. The accommodation landscape is punctuated by old and new resorts in Corbett. It is one of the few parks of terai and northern India where you can stay inside the forest to explore the bounty of wilderness.

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Manas wildlife resorts

Situated in the foothills of Himalya and extension of Royal Manas park of Bhutan. The accommodation here are few numbered. Few of the resorts are situated close to the core zone. Along with the majestic view you can hear the midnight trumpet of the elephants nearby. Get ready to wakeup on peacock’s call.

Resorts in Dudhwa and Kishanpur national park

Dudhwa Wildlife resorts

Another terai gem offering pristine and untouched wildlife. Land of billy Arjan Singh – offers you unmatched wildlife and enchanting holiday. The accommodation offered includes forest rest houses and few luxury abodes. A serious wildlifer would stay near the jungle thus rest houses are the best bets. Afterall we would love to see you for long walks and unexplored trails.Explore more resorts in Dudhwa.

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Sariska wildlife resorts

Close vicinity to Delhi and Jaipur the Sariska National parks offer unmatched view of Aravali hills. The resorts here offer unlimited commune with nature and wildlife surroundings. The camps and resorts in Sariska offer you guaranteed refuge from hectic city life. Make sure to book early for long weekends.Options to stay in Sariska National park.

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Gir wildlife resorts

Gir is connected well with Railway head of Junagarh. Single most reason for heavy inflow of wildlife enthusiasts. Asiatic Lion spirit is very much present in all the resorts which promoted tourism around here. New options of staying have come up recently near Gir Wildlife resorts which has given the boost to the wildlife tourism. Come and enjoy the wildlife here with contemporary style and exquisite traditional options for staying closer to Asiatic Lions.

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Nagarhole wildlife resorts

Nagarhole is in news for increased tiger sightings for complete 2018. Three hours from Bangalore and hour from Mysore. It is important to stay in the that resort which correctly captures the spirit of Kabini. Coming out from Bangalore to visit Nagarhole National Park surely would be pollution free and full of peace for sure. There are lot of resorts offering natural and untrimmed surroundings.

Resorts in Kaziranga national park 768x512

Kaziranga wildlife resorts

One of the most admirable and successful conservation stories of Indian wildlife – Kaziranga national park. Unesco world heritage site has all sort of accommodation to offer to the travellers. The spirit of mighty Himalayas cascades down majestically and engulfs this park. 3-5-night stay would be quite ideal in Kaziranga. Lot of new accommodation has come up recently which offers most comfortable stay for wild-lifers. Opening your eyes to mist-clad mornings in one of the resorts is the most delectable experience.

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Panna wildlife resorts

One of the most picturesque hunting reserves of Bijawar and Chatarour states. Panna national park boasts of all the characteristics – including wildlife, of Central India celebrity parks like Kanha and Bandhavgarh. Its proximity to Khajuraho makes it must stopover when visiting the temples of Khajuraho. The resorts here offer you magnificent views of ken river and opportunity to release your stress. The accommodation can be booked easily and safaris can be arranged at a short notice. Explore budget stays in Panna National park.

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Pench wildlife resorts

Situated close to Nagpur – Pench National park is often referred to as a land of Mowgli. It is surely a beginning of wildlife fairy-tale. To get the best out of this special edition fairy tale you need to carefully choose your place to stay. From Luxury to modest villas – Accommodation in Pench offers you unobtrusive views of mother nature and Mowgli’s paradise.

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Ladakh wildlife resorts

Wildlfers would look for accommodation in Ladakh only if you are planning to visit Changthang Cold Desert Wildlife Sanctuary or Hemis national park. Be a part of Hindu kush mountains and stay enchanted. Leh Ladakh would be your pit stop for sure. Not great resorts to boasts of when you are in search of most elusive snow leopard. Basics are met for sure. After all, it requires some courage to explore the wildlife in these extreme parks.

Resorts in madumalai national park 768x512

Madumalai wildlife resorts

Tamilnadu and nilgiris have the gem in form of Madumalai National parks. The accommodation scene is equally competitive. Quite close to Coimbatore – you would find lot of weekend tourists and serious wildlifers. You would get the resort suiting your budget. The comfortable stay in the Nilgiri is must for potpourri of wild life experiences of Madumalai wildlife resort.

Resorts in madumalai national park 768x512

Madumalai wildlife resorts

Tamilnadu and nilgiris have the gem in form of Madumalai National parks. The accommodation scene is equally competitive. Quite close to Coimbatore – you would find lot of weekend tourists and serious wildlifers. You would get the resort suiting your budget. The comfortable stay in the Nilgiri is must for potpourri of wild life experiences of Madumalai wildlife resort.

Resorts in Dandeli national park 768x512

Dandeli wildlife resorts

Dandeli national park touches base with Goa and wildlife has made the nearby town on Indian wildlife map. National park begins from Northern district of Karnatka. The park offers lot of wildlife activities, thus choosing the right place to stay is of prime importance. The resorts here explore the Kali river scenic basin well. The buffer area houses resorts in such a unique way that does not punctuate your forest experience in any way.

Resorts in bandipur national park 768x512

Bandipur wildlife resorts

Set up by Mysore Royals in 1931 – Bandipur national park is located in Chamarajanagar district. Part of Nilgiri biosphere houses 350 different species of birds. Besides three rivers it is also home to many seasonal streams. The resort houses lot of local, corporate and family tourists. Selecting your accommodation as a willdifer would require some amount of research. Do consider the distance between the forest and resort before sending your payments.

Resorts in Periyar national park 768x512

Periyar wildlife resorts

Periyar adorns western ghats in Kerela. The luxury resorts here deserve a special mention. They are sonnets from philharmonic orchestra. These resorts would inspire your senses in the most melodious and magical way possible. You can spend the most precious moments of your stay and priceless promises to experience the Periyar’s wildlife.

Resorts in Sunderban national park 768x512

Sunderban wildlife resorts

India and Bangladesh house the largest mangrove forest on earth. It also houses Ramsar – wetland of international importance. Sit on the boat from Gadkhali only to enjoy spectacular trip between narrow creeks and through various islands. The accommodation choices here are quite earthy and sumptuous. Nature lovers flock this part more than wildlifers. All the accommodation choices including the budget ones are decent and provide you good resting place between boat trips, safaris and jungle walks.

Resorts in bandipur national park 768x512

Our popular wildlife resorts

This section lists the resorts which are quite popular amongst our travellers. They are sprawled all across the Indian national parks. Explore why they are so preferred by the fellow travellers. Enjoy the cradle of nature and wildlife. Continue to read more.