Wildlife Resort in Manas National Park

Mothanguri Rest House, Manas

The dormitory-style Mothanguri (wildlife resort) rest-house is basic but clean, and is in a truly idyllic spot. Food must be brought along for yourself and for the forest guards with you. Barpeta Road has shops enough to stock up, but if coming from Gauhati in private transport it may be as well to avail yourself of the more ample shopping there. We had no less than four guards assigned to our case, boarding the vehicle at the Forest Office and staying with us throughout. Extra provisions were bought in Barpeta Road to be sure there was enough to go round. There are cooks and a caretaker at the Manas wildlife resort who cater diligently to every need, even obtaining beer from the small Bhutanese shop at the border check-post if so required. Accommodation rates for the rest-house are Rs120/room/night. Park entrance fees are Rs250/person, plus Rs300 for your vehicle.

The guards like to keep an eye on you at all times, so even if birding for a quick ten minutes down the track bear in mind you must be escorted. This is somewhat merited if only as Tiger appear to be regularly seen fairly near the Manas jungle Resort. When you go off around the park in your vehicle, expect the whole crew to jump in with you. Ask the caretaker to boat you across the river to Bhutan for a wander on the far (western) bank. Formalities for this extend to signing a visitors' book at the border check-post. The dirt road from here into Bhutan carries on along the eastern bank, apparently gaining altitude but as we did not try I am unsure if access here is permitted.

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