Widlife Photography Safari

For wild animals, each day is a struggle to survive, so every sense must remain on high alert. Great wild animal shots require patience and dedication as well as some knowledge of wildlife. The best shots are seldom the result of luck but are mostly taken by specialists who spend their lives photographing animals. Each photograph may take days of waiting for just the right moment. The amateur should however not be put off, wonderful pictures can be had with a combination of patience, concentration, luck and the right equipment. So if you have the above attributes, then you need to finalize on a good destination, perhaps India....

India is possibly the richest country in the world in terms of wildlife and forests, simply because of her great diversity. Remote mountain fastnesses and icy plateaux, lush mountain forests, moists evergreen foothills, rain forests and dry scrub, deserts and mangrove swamps, all support an amazing variety of wildlife. The Wildlife Photographic Safari will give you a glimpse of what once was, and the inexorable forces of history that made conservation an urgent need. You will experience the different habitats and unforgettable wilderness settings: from ethereal winter mists on mountain rivers to puddles of life sustaining water under a white hot desert sun.

Worldwide some 4500 species of mammals are known today, of which approx 450 species occur within the Indian subcontinent, and 1220 species of birds recorded India hosts some 12.5% of the world's birds.

Lay down the gun ! Pick up the camera ! Shoot ! The moment lives ! The animals live!, so pick up your camera and come to the Jungles which Kipling immortalized, yes, "Natural and Wild India awaits discovery". Tiger, Snow Leopard, Leopard, Lion, Rhino, Elephant, Bears, and some real exotic birds await you to shoot them with your camera. Join the Wildlife Photographic Safari...accompanied by an Indian wildlife expert of experience more then 10 years of roaming in the wilds of India.

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