The Tigerland Resort, Kanha

The Tigerland Resort is a Jungle Lodge located near the Kisli Gate of the Kanha National Park (Madhya Pradesh, India). It lies in 5 acres and is well tucked away from the Main Road. Surrounded on three sides by the lush Kanha Forest, it ensures privacy and peace, and it's perfect Jungle setting allows ample sightings of Animal and Bird life around the Resort itself.

The Jewel of Central India, Kanha National Park is one of the largest Wildlife Parks of India, and one of the best managed. Nestling in the breathtaking Mekal Hills,the rich Kanha forests are the ancestral home of the Baiga & Gond Tribals, among the earliest and most fascinating of India's inhabitants.The Park's most famous resident is the TIGER, and the world's largest Park population of TIGER can be found here. The rare Indian Swamp Deer , or Barasingha, is also native to these parts. However, Kanha offers a rich bounty to all Nature lovers, whether in Plant, Animal or Bird life, and also the experience of an ancient culture unchanged by time.

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