Tiger Den Resort - Bandhavgarh

The Tiger Den Resort in Bandhavgarh is spread across the beautiful lush green, and tranquil surroundings of the land of the White Tiger-Bandhavgarh National Park. This wildlife resort in Bandhavgarh was conceptualized, designed and now managed by professionals from the service industry. The Bandhavgarh wildlife resort has 18 elegantly furnished luxury cottages. The balcony of the cottages overlooks the marvelous and gigantic hills of the Vindhyanchal range.

At the Tigers Den Resort, Bandhavgarh your day begins just before dawn with wake up call along with a cup of tea/coffee at the designated time (i.e. if you are not already up by some call from the inhabitants of the Jungle of Bandhavgarh). An open Gypsy awaits you to take you even more closer to the nature and to see the majestic 'Royal Bengal Tiger. We provide some fruits neatly packed and a bottle of mineral water for your 4 hour safari in the jungle.

The attached luxurious bathrooms including a bubble bath with both hot and cold water availability. Breakfast is served in the Restaurant serving delicious and a rich variety of Indian, Chinese, Italian & Continental cuisine.

We have a 24 hrs power backup with a stand by generator. Adapters are provided in all the cottages for easy connectivity of your electrical gadgets. If you have the time and inclination, body massage can be organized with prior notice. Few more interesting things to do during the day, includes a drive upto the ancient Bandhavgarh fort, a walk to the Baghel museum, a guided walk into a typical Indian village "Tala", nature walks, trip to Chenchpur waterfalls and a host of other activities like an in-house library, some indoor games are also available to relax and unwind within your comfortable cottages. After the delicious lunch you again would like to go back to the Jungle, to trace the Tiger or the beautiful birds of Bandhavgarh. By now we assure you would be in love with the Jungle, the surroundings and the Tiger's Den Wildlife Resort in Bandhavgarh.

As the sun sets, its time to go back to the wildlife resort. A welcome drink to quench your thirst is provided the moment you enter the resort. Bon-fire with bar-be-que can be organized. Telephone facility for STD/ISD calls is available from the reception of the Tiger's Den Resort in Bandhavgarh.

Look up and you will have a breath holding view of the stars in the sky. Yes, this is the time to talk to the moon, to the stars, and above all, yourself. By the end of the day, you would have found your North Star, and you will sleep as never before to wake up into yet another day which will take you closer to nature. When your stay comes to an end at the Tiger Den Resort you will have wonderful experiences to share with your family and friends.

Our motto is "Walk the Talk", hence everything mentioned above is not merely a talk but a guarantee that you will have a memorable experience while at the Tiger's Den wildlife Resort, Bandhavgarh.

How to reach Tiger Den Resort, Bandhavgarh

» By Air

Khajuraho, daily flight from New Delhi.

» By Road

Approx 6 hrs drive from Khajuraho (280kms), 5 hours from Jabalpur (170kms), 7 hours from Kanha (240kms), Katni- two and a half hours drive (95Kms), Satna three and a half hours drive (112kms)

» By Trains from New Delhi

¤ Kalinga Utkal Express 8478 Dn leaves Hazrat Nizamuddin at 1250hrs and reaches Umaria next day at 0630hrs, this town is only 32kms away and it takes 45 minutes to get to Bandhavgarh. We will organize the pick up in a car. The client reaches the resort, has a quick breakfast and can rush for the morning safari. The same train leaves for Delhi at 1940hrs from Umaria and reaches Delhi at 1315hrs next day. Hence this is very convenient to do the evening safari and then board the train. We will organize for the packed Dinner. Infact if you wish the same train can also be boarded from Agra at 1600 hrs and reaches Umaria at 0630hrs next day.

¤ Gondwana Express train no 2412 leaves Hazrat Nizamuddin at 1430hrs and reaches Katni at 0350hrs. This town is 95kms from Bandhavgarh and it takes 2.5 hours to get to Bandhavgarh. We organize for the station pick up. This train has 1st A.C. sleeper. Again the same train can be boarded from Agra at 1657hrs and reaches Katni at 0350hrs. The same train leaves Katni at 1715hrs for Delhi and reaches Nizamuddin at 0720hrs.

» By Trains from Varanasi

¤ Mahanagri Express, Train No 1094, leaves Varanasi at 1130hrs and reaches Katni at 1923 hrs, same train leaves Katni at 1800hrs to reach Varanasi at 0400hrs.

¤ Varanasi Pune Express, Train No 1032, leaves Varanasi at 0400hrs and reaches Katni at 1205hrs, same train leaves Katni at 1055hrs to reach Varanasi at 2115hrs

¤ Darbhanga LTT Express Train No 5220/5218 leaves Varanasi at 2257 hrs and reaches Katni at 0800hrs.

¤ Pawan Express Train no 5219 leaves Katni at 0510hrs to reach Varanasi at 1440hrs.

» By Trains from Mumbai

¤ Mumbai - Howrah mail 3004 Dn till Katni, departs Mumbai at 2110hrs and reaches Katni at 1510hrs. From Katni Bandhavgarh is 95kms, we organize for pick up, it takes 2hrs.

¤ Mumbai Varanasi Mahanagri Express 1093 Dn leaves Mumbai CST at 2355hrs and reaches Katni at 1755hrs.

¤ Lokmanya Tilak Patna Express 3202 Dn leaves Lokmanya Tilak at 2110hrs and reaches Katni at 1732hrs

» Trains from Calcutta

¤ Howrah Indore Shipra Express 9306 Dn leaves Howrah at 1515hrs and reaches Satna at 1005hrs or Katni at 1155hrs. Return it leaves Katni at 1010hrs and reaches Howrah at 0630hrs next day

¤ Howrah Mumbai Mail 2321 Dn leaves Howrah at 2200hrs and reaches Katni at 1557hrs, on return 2322 Up leaves Katni at 1500hrs and reaches Howrah at 1125hrs

¤ Howrah Jabalpur Shaktipunj Express 1448 Dn reaches Katni at 1610hrs

» From Bangalore to Jhansi to Bandhavgarh

¤ Swarna Jayanti Train No 6217 departing Bangalore at 1945, arriving Jhansi at 1425hrs, or

¤ Kongu Express Train No 2647 departing Bangalore at 2315hrs and arriving Jhansi at 1027hrs, From Jhansi they can take Kalinga Utkal Express 8478 Down leaving Jhansi 1925hrs and arriving Umaria at 0618hrs next day morning. Umaria is only 32kms from Bandhavgarh. We will organize a pick up for them.

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