Tiger Conservation

We offer you eco-friendly safari adventures. Together we're changing the world - one journey at a time.

Nature Safari promotes Eco-Tourism, Conservation and Development

Nature Safari believes that we are stewards on this earth; that we have not inherited it from our parents, but rather we are renting it from our children; that if tourism does not contribute to the protection of flora and fauna, the prevention and repair of environmental degradation, the economic well-being of local communities, and respect for local cultures; it is not a justifiable activity. Outlined below are the ways in which Nature Safari and Tiger Den Resorts have translated these beliefs into action.

We link commercial tourism to local conservation programs

We encourage our guests to donate to a wide variety of conservation projects. Although at this time there is no way for us to know the dollar amount that has been donated; we are sure that the total sum is significant. We channelise our donations through Care for the Wild International, U.K.

We provide tangible support for developing parks, managing natural resources and community development

-Recently we donated 100 sweaters to the forest guards of Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve

-It was noticed that the forest guards would often fall sick due to mosquito bites. Hence to fight this menace we donated 200 mosquito nets to the forest guards and ther families to ensure they do not fall sick and report on their duties regularly.

We have provided free accommodation, meals and transport ot the television crews who come to cover the Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve to make it a more popular destination for the tourists.

We support indigenous businesses by buying local goods and services.

-Having emphasized supporting indigenous businesses and people by buying local goods and services we have pioneered environmentally sensitive tourism in Bandhavgarh.

-From the very beginning Nature Safari and Tiger Den Resorts have made a concerted effort to buy locally wherever possible. We have taken this to the point of actually encouraging local businesses to develop the capacity to provide services for us. Arranging and promoting meaningful contact between travelers and local people is one of our priorities.

We promote meaningful contact between travelers and local people.

-To promote meaningful contact between travelers and local people includes: arranging home stays, and providing opportunities for children from schools in India to participate in our ecology and conservation workshops to visit and interact with children their own age in Tala village.

-Perhaps even more important is that all our guides are trained to promote local contact on an ongoing basis. They consciously get to know the service providers with whom the group will come in contact with such as waiters, park guards, bellmen, and promote direct personal contact between our guests and these people.

We have developed sustainable tourist facilities that minimize environmental damage

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We offer you eco-friendly safari adventures. Together we're changing the world - one journey at a time.     Read more

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