• Year of travel: 2018
    • Jungles visited: Kanha Bandhagarh Pench
    • No of Days: 12
    • Itinerary:

            2018 Testimonial

As for Your arrangements there is only one word: Impeccable!

Dear Sharad,

Sent: Wednesday, February 21, 2018 3:27 PM
To: sharad@naturesafariindia.com;
Subject: Tiger Safaris in Bandhavgarh, Kanha and Pench Jan/Febr 2018

Dear Sharad, Dear Manjeet,

Sorry not to have written earlier, but I was struck by the flu arriving back home and have been a bit ”out of shape”.

My wife, Birgitta, wrote a brief comment on Facebook, but I want to give my personal thanks and feedback as well.

And yes, we saw seven tigers, five in Banhavgarh, one in each Kanha and Pench. Female, male and almost grown-up cubs.

These are very, very impressive cats and they will stay in my mind forever. Especially when in natural setting! We also saw the jungle cat, jackals, deers and the impressive gaur.

And, of course, a lot of birds. But I am not an ornithologist, I just enjoy them but know nothing. So we are very happy about the safaris, 14 in all.

As for Your arrangements there is only one word: Impeccable!

Pick-ups, transfers and accomodations were excellent.

Your staff involved is very good. But I feel sorry for Your friend who helped us at the airport when going to Trivandrum. SpiceJet cancelled the flight with short notice and he helped us to get a new flight. We never thanked him properly and I hope You will pass on our special thanks to him. We would have been lost without him.

The Tiger’s Den, Tuli Resort Kanha and Tuli Corridor Pench are very nice places to stay. Clean and spacious rooms, nice food and very friendly and obliging staff. We enjoyed, in full, staying there. (But, Tuli Corridor Pench should consider investing in new vehicles?)

The naturalists, Raghu, Pramod and Aman (Amen?) were all very knowledeable and learned us a lot about nature and the animals Mr Raghu was outstanding! Please send him our warmest regards.

We have seen Your fantastic pictures on the web, and we can not compete with them but we had a few nice ones ourselves (JPEG, not raw). Two will be enclosed. If You are interested, we can mail another 6 to 8 for You to study.

I assume You work in Photoshop.

You may use this text and/or pictures as You see fit.

Thank You All!!