• Year of travel: 2011
    • Jungles visited:  Pench Kanha Bandhavgarh
    • No of Days: 15
    • Itinerary:

            2011 Testimonial

The lodges were good to outstanding and the food was delicious

Sent: Tuesday, February 08, 2011 7:55 PM
To: sharad@naturesafariindia.com
Subject: 14-day wildlife tour - Cox.be

Dear Sharad,

Having returned yesterday from Assam to Belgium, we can look back at a wonderful trip.

It’s hard to believe things can go so smoothly in a country like India, still considered as a difficult country to get around without hardships. Yet, from the moment of our arrival until the visit of the Lotus Temple, everything worked out perfectly as the entire trip was meticulously organized.

The lodges were good to outstanding and the food – in particular in The Bagh, Bharatpur and Tiger Den’s Resort, Bandhavgarh – was delicious.

To be honest, after our last trip to India some 20 years ago and during which plenty of things went wrong, it took me a lot of effort to convince my wife to visit India for the 4th time – but, as said, everything was so well organized that we will definitely return to India for a 5th visit. And we will certainly not hesitate to contact Nature Safaris again!

Richard Cox – Danielle Voorbraeck