Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary


Delhi - Jaipur highway ( 46 km from Delhi)

Founded by

Dr. Salim Ali


September to March is the best time to visit

Description of Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary

Located at a distance of 46 kms from Delhi, Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary is a haven to a variety of domestic and migratory birds.

Artificial mound, have turned into a green glade.

The marsh has been converted into a water body. And with the years, hundreds of species of migratory birds have winged in to stay.

Winter brings in birds from as far as Siberia. Flock of geese from Europe wing in too. The local birds flap in.

The bird population include darters, egrets shovellers, gadwell and geese dominate.

Teals, kingfishers, lapwings, sandpipers; demoiselle Siberian Cranes and such like water birds nestle in. Over 100 species have been identified here.

Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary was a haunt of our very own birdman: Late Dr. Salim Ali: And, innumerable bird watchers who come in to observe bird antics.

There are hide outs, watch towers and a museum of sorts for those keen on serious study. Guestrooms and catering wing, await the patrons.

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