About India Wildlife Safaris

With over three decades of Indian experience and over 10000 safaris...

...experience is the best teacher as they say. We have learnt and earned our stripes following several generations of Tigers in the wilderness of India.

Our access to the most remote locations and wealth of naturalists makes your trip meaningful and memorable.

Our Vision

Increase the economic and social significance of tourism to the communities living around the critical Tiger habitat.

Our team in the national parks recognize the social significance of Tiger tourism and the positive impact it can have on the local communities. We also understand that community integration will need to be a long-term plan for it to succeed. Wildlife tourism helps generate employment.

A survey suggests that every tourist who visits the national parks generates employment for 11 people in the area. This, indirectly contributes to the conservation efforts as it reduces the dependence on the forest by the locals and helps them understand the importance of saving the forest and its residents.

To say that we are in this field for our passion might sound cliché, but that is the truth.

Our Strengths


Our focus is to give you more than what you expect, and this is possible if we are true to every aspect that creates the perfect experience for our guests.


The combined experience of our team is over half a century. Our guides, and drivers are heavily invested in ensuring quality experience for your safaris. They are a data bank of knowledge who understand every mood of the jungle and have good language skills.


A safari need not be a luxurious and expensive holiday option. We believe in understanding the expectations of our guests and tailor safari holidays accordingly. This helps us offer extremely competitive prices without compromising on quality.

Today, the Tiger, wildlife and nature need protection more than ever. We might not only lose the species around us, but we might lose ourselves in the bargain. It is not about saving the planet, or saving wildlife, it is about saving ourselves.

We firmly believe that awareness of conservation can only germinate at the ground level, when you experience wildlife and nature in its habitat.

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