Top National Parks of India
Famous national parks for tiger

Famous national parks for tigers

Enough written on top national tiger parks in India. You have watched majestic tiger in your drawing rooms via wildlife channels. But you miss the whole thrill of doing a safari and tiger's majestic walk. not to mention the thrill you experience deep into the tiger zone.

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Top National park for elephants

National Parks for Elephants

They say that Elephant is most intelligent beings. Examples can be sighted from Indian mythology and folk tales of the forests. These national parks are worth visiting for the experience. Interested ...

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National parks for Rhinos

National parks for Rhinos

Rhinoceros can weigh upto massive 2500 kgs and prefer to eat its vegetarian meals during the night. They are very territorial. They also communicate in a unique way.

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Top National park for birding

Top national parks for Birding

Indian subcontinent offers unparalleled birding opportunities to the serious birders. It all depends upon how far and wide you like to travel depending upon your love for the birds. Indian has enviable distinction of housing vast variety of rare bird species. So if you are serious birder then India has to be on your top priority country to visit.

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For us, the concept of CSR means ‘Conscious Sustainable Responsibility’, an important aspect if we are even remotely hoping to save our forests and its inhabitants. So how do we achieve these sustainability goals? How can we reduce the wildlife-man conflict? The future of wildlife is directly linked to the benefits it can generate to the local community.

Sharad Kumar Vats, India Wildlife Safaris, Founder
Top national parks for leopard sighting ratio1:1

Top national parks for Leopards sightings

Leopards are most agile of the cat family. They easily climb up the trees with their prey to save from other carnivores. Extremely difficult to sight. They are capable of making differnt sounds. They have distinct rasping cough to announce their presence.

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Top national parks for snow leopards 768x768

Top national parks for snow leopards

The real definition of “Elusive” is defined by snow leopard. It also the rarity of snow leopard that wildlifers are attracted to its trek. Word of advice from our side - this trek is not for the faint-hearted. You have to be worthy fit to sight such being.

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Top national parks for reptiles 768x768

Top national parks for reptiles

Crocodiles, gharials, lizards, turtles, snakes - Indian national parks are home to some pinnacle predators. They dwell in variety of habitats - lakes, under the rocks, holes in the ground, hanging to the tree branches. Watch them in their natural habitat and we know the right national parks.

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Top national park for Lions 768x768

Top national park for Lions

The Regalia’s abode comprises of rugged ridges and isolated hills. This dry deciduous forest in the western part of India attracts lot of wildlifers. We will share the story of Lion’s survival - from mere 20 in 1920 to more than 500 now.

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National parks for bison,sloth bears wolves wild ferals or wild dogs 768x768

Interested in Sloth Bears, Wolves, Wild ferals, Wild dogs

We understand that your desire can be to explore other equally intriguing wildlife forms. Contact us for highly bespoke tours and something you like to experience in particular. We offer you the list of unusual parks in India .

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List of prominent national parks of India 768x768

List of prominent national parks in India

The list of national parks in this section is divided as per the Geographical bifurcations. This is done to ease the listing of National park. Otherwise each park is unique with different ecosystem and occupants. You would be surprised to see different shades ofthe same forest in morning and evening - and offcourse, different view for different season.