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Nameri National Park

Nameri National ParkReserved Forest declared on 17-10-1878
Nameri Sanctuary (137 sq.km.) on 18-09-1985
Provisional Notification of National Park (212 sq. Iml) on 27-02-1997 Final Notification of National Park (200sq.km.) on 09-09-1998 Declared Tiger Reserve on 01-03-2000

Rich, and teeming with a diverse variety of flora and fauna, Nameri shares its northern boundary with the Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary of Arunachal.Together they constitute an area of over lOOOsq.km of semi-evergreen, moist deciduous forests with cane and bamboo brakes and narrow strips of open grassland along rivers. Moist deciduous species of trees predominate and harbour a profusion of colourful orchids. This is excellent elephant country and ideal habitat for a host of other animals including tiger. It is also home to the Leopard, Bison, Sambar, Hog Deer, Muntjac, Wild Boar, Wild Dog (Dhole), Sloth Bear, Himalayan Black Bear, Capped Langur, Malayam Giant Squirrel, and also the endangered small manlmal the Hispid hare.

Park is a birder's paradise and t110re then 300 species of birds have been identified here--- four species of Horn Bill, an abundance of Hill Mynas, Bluebeard Bee Eaters, Barbets, Babblers, Bulbuls, Plovers, Ibisbills, etc. Also seen are King Vultures, Fishing Eagles, Blacked Necked Storks and other resident and migratory birds.

A plethora of reptilian and insect life bear testimony to the immense biodiversity of the area. Kachuga Sylehtensis or the Assam Roof Turtle is found here. In fact, an Atlas Moth with a wingspan of 10 inches was recorded in Nameri National Park. Multi coloured butterflies and insects like the Lantern fly are a common sight adding colour and charm to the scenery.

Nameri National ParkAt Potasali near the picturesque Jia-Bhoroli River a camping facility was set up in 1 994 for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. The NATURE SAFARI is the outcome of a joint effort of the Department of Forests) Wildlife) Government of Assam) and the Assam (Bhoreli) Angling & Conservation Association fA (B) ACA] with financial support of the North Eastern Council (NEC). Located in wooded surroundings and adjacent to the Nameri National Park (NNP) in the Eastern Himalayan foothills) it is a mere 38 kilometres from the historic town of Tezpur in the Sonitpur district of Assam, India.

Safaris at Nameri National Park
NATURE SAFARI arranges safaris conducted by the wildlife department, to explore this fascinating habitat on foot.
While trekking, arn1ed forest guards guide you along nature trails through thick jungles and dry riverbeds. More often than not one may come across wild animals like bison, elephants, deer, etc., but sighting of a great variety of birds is a certainty.

Nameri is mostly dense jungle and locating a wild life is that much more difficult. But one thing is assured - a safari through some of the most breathtaking tropical jungle terrain.

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