Muthanga National Park

Also known as Wayanad National Park, Muthanga National Park is located 16 kilometers east of Sulthaan Bathery. It was set aside as a sanctuary in 1973. The sanctuary borders on the parks of Nagarhole and Bandipur of Karnataka on the northeast and Mudumalai of Tamil Nadu on the southeast.

Occupying an area of 345 sq km, Muthanga National Park boasts a fine selection of wildlife and is an excellent specimen of Project Elephant.

There can be few experiences so gratifying as to take a tour to Muthanga National Park, where you can spot tigers very frequently. The sanctuary has one of the largest populations of elephants in India.

The Muthanga National Park also provides sanctuaries to various species of deer, monkeys and birds. The flora of sanctuary includes deciduous and evergreen forests. One of the best ways to explore the sanctuary is an elephant ride, which can be arranged by the Forest Department.

Wildlife in Muthanga National Park

Popularly known as the Wyanad National Park, the Muthanga National Park is a popular wildlife sanctuary located on the Kerala hills and offers a natural habitat to a large number of wild animals.

The Muthanga National Park is located over an area of 344 square kilometers and is home to wildlife such as Gaur, sloth bears, sambhar, elephants, reptiles, tigers, spotted deer, monkeys, panthers, jungle cats, civet cats, wild dogs, bison, lizards, bears, wild pigs, leopards and other animals.

Muthanga in Kerala, South India is a special Project Elephant site and you are bound to see herds of elephants frolicking near the water holes as you course the wildlife trails within this lush wildlife sanctuary.

Sit on elephant back and follow the nature trails at the Muthanga National Park located in Kerala, South India and discover a beautiful green world. As you go on wildlife tours to the Muthanga Wildlife sanctuary you will notice tiny colorful butterflies flitting on sweet flowers and pretty shrubs.

The perfect time to go on wildlife tours to the flourishing Muthanga National Park in Kerala, South India is during the months of June to October.

Birds in Muthanga National Park

Birds at the Muthanga National Park promise to enchant you and keep you thoroughly entertained as you course the nature trails and look to spot wildlife on your holiday tours to this part of Kerala, South India.

Among the commonly spotted birds at the Muthanga national Park in Kerala, South India some which deserve a special mention are the Malabar Grey Hornbill, peacocks, owls, woodpeckers, cuckoos, jungle fowl, babblers, herons, egrets, water ducks, bulbuls, peafowl, shrikes, eagles, cormorants, wagtails, rollers, pheasants, snipes and a large variety of other birds.

Be amazed at the colorful assembly of good-looking birds at the Muthanga National Park in Kerala, South India and enjoy the singing of these birds as you spot and identify them to your delight with the help of a bird watching guide.

India Wildlife Tours special tour packages that give you an opportunity to travel to this lush green land exclusively for spotting a wide variety of birds, both indigenous and migratory.

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