Krishna Wildlife Sanctuary

Total Coverage Area

194.81 sq.kms/19,481 ha


The park is located at 80 kms from Vijaywada in the Krishna and Guntur district.

Description of Krishna

This is one of the few mangrove habitats in Andhra Pradesh. Though the major mangrove fauna cannot be seen here; yet it is a good place to enjoy nature and lesser fauna.

Visiting Season in Krishna

The area is open throughout the year but October to February is a good time.

Access of Krishna

By Rail

Nearest railhead is Vijaywada.

Accommodation and facilities in Krishna

Accommodation is available at Forest Guest House at Machilipatanam.

Wildlife of Krishna


Dense, impenetrable mangrove forests cover the sanctuary. The flora of the forest consists of Casuarina equisetifolia Pongamia gladra Calotropis gigantean Cassia auriculata Thespesia populnea Ipomaea biloba,Leptadenia reticulata, Spinifex squarrosus, Spinifex littoreus, Pongamia pinnate, Prosopis juliflora Banyan, Peepul, Margosa, Tumma , Mango, Palmyra, Date-palm etc.


Hyena, Jungle and Fishing Cat, Fox (Vulpes bengalensis) and bear (Melursus ursinus). Among the herbivorous species are Spotted Deer (Axis axis), Sambar (Cervus unicolor) and Black Buck (Antelope cervicapra) are occasionally found and are a rarity except in the interior inland forests.


There is good variety of birds in Krishna Wildlife Sanctuary like the Crested Serpant Eagle, Indian Roller, Wagtails, Pipits, so bird watchers can look forward to a busy and happy time.


Cobra, Russels Viper, Water Snake, Rat Snake and Tree Snake, Garden Lizard (Calotes versicolor), Wall Lizard(Hemidactylus species) and land tortoise (Testudo elegans) are also found. Among the amphibian fauna, the common frog (Rana species) and in the mangrove forests the amphibian otter or water cat (Lutra lutera) and the estuarine crocodiles are present.

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