Karbi Along Wildlife Sanctuary


96 sq. kms/9,600 ha

Description of Karbi Along

This wildlife Sanctuary covers an area of 96 sq. kms. Situated in Karbi Anglong district. Animals commonly found here are Elephant, Leopard, water buffalo, etc.

Wildlife in Karbi Along

Karbi Anglong is rich in varied wild life.

Elephants are fairly common especially near the hills and when the crops are ripening, they do much damages.

Reports of Wild stray elephants, particularly solitary Dantals and Makhana Gundas attacking passers by or killing villagers and damaging crops by herds are common features.

Deers are also available. Monitor Lizard (Gui) and pythons (Aajagar) are also common.

Birds in Karbi Along

The avifauna includes many colourful birds living in forests and swamps.

Birds frequently spotted are Great Himalayan Hornbill, Imperial Pigeon, Green Pigeon, Emerald dove, Hill partridges, Jungle fowl, Pheasant, Hoopoe, Koel, King Fisher, Storks, Herons, Pelicans, Wood Pecker, Mynas, Yellow bittern, Egrets etc.

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