Indian Cobra

About Indian Cobra

The cobra in India, is an extremely venomous snake, but not as dangerous to humans as commonly thought. It does not want to bite a human, so it alerts the human of its presence just like a rattle snake does, but in a different way. The cobras are snakes. They have smooth shiny skins of different color and patterns.

The strong slender bodies of the cobra are yellow, brown, or almost black. The common Indian cobra is 5 to 6 feet long. The longest poisonous snake in the world is the king cobra, which can grow to be 18 feet long. The baby cobras are called baby cobras. In the summer most cobras lay 8 to 30 eggs, in damp leaves. In about two months the baby cobras hatch. The 12 inch babies can spread their tiny hoods and poison their prey.

These cobra snakes are considered slightly more intelligent that the average snake and they are also very adaptive. That's why they are sometimes found in agricultural land and near human inhabitations. These are dangerous snakes; their bites are poisonous and they easily hit you in the eyes from distances of two meters. The cobra picture can be found on most breeder sites.

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