Dubare Elephant Camp

The Karnataka Forest Department has about 150 Elephants in various camps and Dubare has been historically an important camp.

The Elephants for the famous Mysore Dassehra were trained at Dubare elephant camp. But presently after logging operations have ceased, the Forest Department does not really know what to do with all its Elephants! Elephants have been practically retired except for giving some rides to odd tourists.

At the same time, the Forest Department spends quite some money to maintain them and their mahouts. With this as a background, Jungle Lodges & Resorts (JLR) has struck upon a unique idea to utilize the Elephants at Dubare Camp to provide the tourists with ‘an intimate experience with Elephants’.

JLR seeks to build upon the un-ending fascination that man has for Elephants! At the Dubare Elephant Camp, a visitor can spend hours simply watching Elephants and of course, learning more about them.

A trained Naturalist is at hand to explain the various aspects of Elephant history, ecology and biology. The visitor can not only observe and learn but also participate in various activities involving Elephants.

Guests would leave our camp feeling enriched and enlightened about Elephants and hopefully they would become sensitive to their plight in the wild and join the lobby to save them from extinction.

JLR is acutely aware of its role of spreading awareness about conservation and takes its responsibility seriously about converting its visitors into ‘ambassadors of conservation’.

Dubare Elephant camp would be a unique project not only for JLR but in the whole of India.

JLR seeks to be a trend–setter in this niche area and create an eco-tourism product which would be an invaluable contribution to the cause of understanding and conserving these amazing creatures, the Elephants.

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