Siberian Cranes in India

About Siberian Cranes

The crane bird is a wild north american bird and can be seen on most bird photos sites. The bird is a symbols of longevity and represented with other symbols of long life, the pine and bamboo, and the tortoise.

In feudal Japan the crane was protected by the ruling classes and fed by the peasants. When the feudal system was abolished in the Meiji era of the 19th century, the protection of Siberian Cranes was lost.

The bird was almost saved form extinction and there is a satellites tzuru in Japan that is named after the bird. There is a tradition that if one folds 1000 origami Siberian Cranes, one's wish for health will be granted. Since the death of Sadako Sasaki this applies to a wish for peace as well.

The Last Siberian Crane sighting happened in 2001 in Bharatpur, India. These visitors do not come to India anymore.

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