Chitvan Resort - Kanha

A unique three dimensional effort combining, leisure, love, and lifestyle. In todays competitive cut throat world where one loses peace, and sleep in search of external, momentary materialistic pleasures, Chitvan is an insight providing practical and eternal solutions (Soul Evolution). Difficult to call it a Lodge, a Resort, or an Ashram, Chitvan is where Life lives.

Vision Chitvan

To be a reality show case window implementing Alternative Lifestyle, to give you a glimpse of rural India while doing Safaris and be present in all key Tiger reserves of India in next 5 years

Mission Chitvan

Achieving Alternative Lifestyle by Self Sustaining activities. Discovering yourself by going back to basics, enriching yourself by learning about local flora and fauna.

Team Chitvan

Promoted by Sharad, Shailendra and Talat. Implemented by Ashwani, and his carefully chosen team

Logo Chitvan

"Lotus" is an aquatic plant with broad floating green leaves and bright fragrant flowers that grow only in shallow waters. In India the sacred lotus is legendary and much folklore and religious mythology is woven around it. Rich in meaning and metaphor, the Lotus symbolises divinity, fertility, wealth, knowledge and not to forget enlightenment. A symbol of strong vital force that could withstand extremely adverse conditions. The lotus flower represents long life, health, honor and good luck.. It was this depth of thought that made the founding fathers of modern India enshrine the lotus in the Constitution as the National Flower.

Meaning Chitvan

Chitt (Product of Mind, Intellect and Ego), Van (Forest). In the third stage of Hindu Life, in Vanaprashta, i.e. after 50 years of age, man went to the forest to channelize his Chitt. The forest where he went to do the same was termed as Chitt-Van.


3.6kms from Mukki gate of Kanha National Park, amidst a thick Sal Forest, spread in 12 acres of Lush Tropical Forest


19 acres of pristine corner of Kanha National Park


240 degrees of Kanha National Park, 120 degrees of Maikal Hills

Pravesh (Entrance)

A simple 100 metres drive in to take you to the main reception. A 300 years old traditional gate, opens to take you in a different world altogether. Cross the bridge with Lotus in a small water body under you, and couple of nice rockeries and chalets closeby, you are at the Reception of Chitvan.


12 well appointed Air-Conditioned spacious Suites. A place for every purse, purpose and personality is what we thought when we designed Chitvan. Accommodation to house casual leisure traveler, a peace finder, a business tycoon, a head of state, you name it and we have it all.


Giving a taste of Elemental living, all Suites have a unique outlook, providing you privacy, taste of homely stay in India depicting colorful and cultural spectrum of the country. We have tried to put together a place where integrity of design is apparent without disturbing the environment that makes for haronious living. They are classified as follows:

Jal Suites, in 1400 sq feet, with a private water body, 2 bedrooms with attached bathrooms, private living room, open shower and private sit our areas. Room, Bathroom and Courtyard with a view.

4 Prithvi Suites in 750 sq feet, with a 60 feet Saja Tree in the courtyard, room, bathroom and sit outs with a view.

4 Akash Suites spread in 750 sq feet, out of 4, 2 suites with a transparent acrylic sheet ceiling to give you a feel of sleeping under the stars. Option to cover the same also available

Vayu Suites spread in 750 sq feet, with very Airy and open views,

Agni (Fire) restaurant

Amulti cuisine restaurant, serving you fresh farm food, with no refrigerator and micro wave in kitchen. Option of siting near the pool on the ground floor, to see the panoramic view of the Maikal Hills sit on the first floor of Agni. With deep verandas on all sides to keep you in sync with nature, a bright place by day, and irridiscent by night.


Swimming Pool, Spa, Jogging track - 1.8 kms, Acu pressure track, and an Amphi Theatre.


Farming, Irrigation, Ploughing, Meditation, Birding, Pottery, Milking of Cows and any more.


Accommodation well camouflaged in the Sal and Saj trees, there is a plenty of food for birds and Langurs from guava, pomegranate and other fruiting trees. Private lawns around the Suites to give you a taste of perfect synergy between Human and Nature creation.

Meditation Room

A quiet haven for the wondering minds, about 1100 feet away from main accommodation, it is surrounded by a water body which is a paradise for birds. Sit here and let the world take a back seat.

Birds of Chitvan

About 125 avian species have made Chitvan their home, take a binocular, sit quietly in your courtyards, and observe the day in the life of birds of Chitvan. Flocks of Egrets display beautiful patterns while landing and taking off from trees close to you. Paddy bird in the paddy fields, Crested Serpent Eagles on the water body close by, Kingfishers, Indian rollers, Golden Orioles, and Minivets are commonly seen.



Chitvan Address

Village Samnapur, Post Mukki, Kanha National Park, Tehsil Baihar, District Balaghat, Madhya Pradesh Pin: 481111 Phone no.: 7440570854 Email Id:

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