Chilka lake and Bird Sanctuary



Total Area

1100 sq. kms

Visiting Season

Open all year round

Chilka Lake and Bird Sanctuary

Situated southwest of Puri, Chilka is the largest brackish water lake in Asia. It is doted with the islands and is noted for the many migratory birds which flock to the nesting sanctuary here in winter ( December to January).

The shallow lake is about 70 km long and averages 15 km wide It's separated from the sea only by a narrow sand bar.

The railway line and the main road run along the inland edge of the lake. It's a peaceful enough place but of greatest interests to ornithologists.

Environment and human problems - such as siltation and commercial prawn fishing - are threatening this important wetland.

The lake is spread over an area of 1100 sq km and is a good picnic spot.

One can enjoy boating on the shimmering blue waters and enjoy fishing at leisure. There are about 160 variety of fish in the lake. Birds come here from as far as Siberia.

Attractions within Chilka Bird Sacnctuary


It is a forest of reeds and is famous for the long-range migratory birds in winter.

Birds Island

It is heaven for the resident and migratory birds. One can watch the birds in their natural habitat here.


The abode of Goddess, Kalijai. The island is famous for the temple and the scenic surroundings.


The famous Chilka Dolphins are can be seen in their natural best.

Parikud and Malud

They are islands within the lake


The place is known for its scenic beauty.

Cruising on Chilka

There are motor launches of OTDC at Barkul and Ramba. The Revenue Department also maintains some boats at Balugaon. We can also arrange the country boats at these places and at Satapada as well.

How to reach Chilka

The nearest airport - Bhubaneshwar. Later, drive to Chilka.

The nearest railhead- Balugaon (South Eastern railway section)

The major station - Puri (train services from all over the country)

Accommodation & facilities

Plenty of accommodation is available at various places in and around the lake. Some of the hotels, rest houses, lodges and huts are maintained and managed by OTDC and many are privately owned.

Panthaniwas at Ramba and Panthaniwas at Barkul are among the famous hotels in the area.

Ashoka hotel at Balugaon is another hotel which attracts many visitors. At Satpada the Yatriniwas provides excellent accommodation.

Best Time To Visit

Definitely, winter months - Nesting starts early october for migratory birds. Its a heaven then for bird watchers. Rest of the year it puts a show everyday if you are eager to watch it.

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