Chandka Elephant Reserve

Chandaka elephant reserve is located in the Bhubaneshwar. It is only one of its kind in India.

The residents of the reserve are elephants, sambar, bears, wild dogs, pea fowls and pythons.

Only one of its kinds, the dense and fascinating Chandaka forest is perfect place for eco-tourism activities.

As the elephants generally venture out at night, a long evening within the reserve, on one of the watch towers built by the Forest Department close to the water-holes, is a thrilling experience and one gets the feeling that one is millions of miles away from civilization.

These majestic animals have made the Chandaka Forest their home, and can be seen quite frequently. They are however completely wild, and on occasion become dangerous too.

Fauna in Chandka

Apart from the fabulous elephants, chital, bear, pea-fowl, sambar and numerous other animals roam about doing their daily business unhampered.

The Forest officials have also spotted pugmarks of cheetahs within the forest.

Main Attraction in Chandka

Elephants, Chital, Bear, Pea-Fowl & Sambar.

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