Camp Mewar, Bandhavgarh

Camp Mewar on Ketkiya is a Jungle Lodge set in a thickly wooded ten acres plot, sharing a common boundary with the Bandhavgarh Tiger reserve on its south (Madhya Pradesh, India). The camp gets its name from the 'Ketkiya Nala', a stream which trickles along its edge. 'Ketkiya-Kewra' - (Pendanus) a fragrant flowering plant that grows in the abundance along the banks. Tigers are usually in residence at Ketkiya.

A picturesque drive over perennial streams, through fields and hutments, the camp is a mere fifteen minutes drive from the park entrance. It comprises of 4 Aodhis (cottages in the design of hunting towers of the erstwhile rulers of Mewar), 5 Tents and 3 Wood-thatch Huts.

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