Camp Forktail Creek- Wildlife Camp in Corbett

Camp Fork Tail Creek - wildlife camp is situated on the northeastern periphery of the Corbett National Park. Corbett is India's first and one of her finest National Park. Because of its geographic location, Corbett supports a Camp Forktail Creek- Wildlife Resortrich variety of habitat and is extremely rich in bio diversity. Camp Fork tail Creek in Corbett National Park offers one a great forest experience in the land Jim Corbett once roamed. Situated in the village of Bhakrakot, the Wildlife Camp in Corbett National Park is surrounded by mixed deciduous forests that are extremely rich in wildlife and bird-life. Hikes in these forests are very rewarding for bird watching. The wildlife camp in Corbett is named after the Forktails that visit these forests in the winters, which along with other species make the area a favorite birding ground in northern India. Other excursions include game drives and Elephant safaris into the national park, Angling for the mighty Mahasheer on the Ramganga River, Overnight trips to the Dhikala forest rest house, multi-day Elephant safari and overnight camping in the reserve forest.

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