Bura-Chapori Wildlife Sanctuary


44.06 sq. kms/4,406 ha

Description of Bura-Chapori

Another magnificent wildlife sanctuary covering an area of 44.06 sq. kms. is Bura-Chapori.

It is situated on the north bank of the river Brahmaputra in Sonitpur District.

It is considered to be an ideal habitat for the Bengal Florican.Various species of migratory birds are also seen here.

Other attractions are the Great Indian One horned Rhinocerous, Asiatic Buffalo, Wild Boar, Otter, Civet Cat, Leopard Cat, Barking Deer, etc. Various reptiles and fish are also found here.

Wildlife in Bura-Chapori

Burachapori Sanctuary, situated in the alluvial flood plains of central Assam, harbours a small number of wintering Ferruginous Duck.

Best Time to Visit in Bura-Chapori

November - March

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