Bird Photography Safari

It's important to know the behavior of the animals you're trying to photograph. By understanding their behavior you will have a better chance of finding them and you will be able to predict their actions.

India is a country with an unrivaled range of cultures, landscapes and birds to match. From the Himalaya worth the highest mountains in the world to the Jungles and beaches of the south, from the great Thar desert in the west to the wettest place in the northeast- India is truly a land of contrasts which never fails to surprise and fascinate the visitor.

The country's avifauna is largely oriental with a good admixture of Pale arctic elements. With more than 1220 species recorded, India hosts some 12.5% of the world's birds and nearly half of those of oriental region. The birdwatcher will find plenty to search for and study and will discover that more than just one or two trips are needed to do the indigenous birdlife justice. Approximately 150 of the species found in India are endemic to the Indian subcontinent, or nearly so. Many are relatively poorly known and some have only been seen by a handful of ornithologists, so any observation on distribution, habitat or behavior could be valuable. Join the Bird Photographic Safari...accompanied by an expert with more then 10 years of birding experience in the wilds.

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