Top 5 National Parks to sight Tigers in India

Must to include in your tour of Indian Wildlife

There’s something about Tigers. We know they are wild and deadly but we are ready to risk it all in a bid to spot one. Despite the fact that India is home to more than 1400 tigers, spotting the big cat isn’t that easy. How many times you have return disappointed from a tiger safari in India? Many we believe. But why? We believe the answer lies in not being in the right place at the right time. To improve your chances of spotting the big car you need to head to the right Tiger National Park in India at the right time (season). We help you with the information in the post as we list down the 5 best places to see tigers in India.

Towards the end

So, the next time you plan to hit the road to watch the jungle cat, make sure you pick one of the five best places discussed in the blog post. To ensure to spot the tiger book a tiger safari. Authorities of all the leading tiger national park in India offer safaris for a comfortable and worthwhile experience. Keep your enthusiasm up and embark on a memorable tiger safari in India.

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